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Glutax 30g Infinity Antiaging skin whitening injection provides all necessary protection from external and internal damages.

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GLUTAX30G Infinity , glutathione developed to improve the performance of Glutax 12G HD action more quickly. Doubled with small molecules Italians produced by a mixture of glutathione was increased from 30000 mg. The combination of Alpha Lipoic Acid is a help stimulate glutathione in our bodies already . And glutathione injections . 30000 mg has run up the white display . After injected or ingested glutathione glutathione injection was not satisfied as a result of this, I guarantee you will be satisfied with the white . Combined with a blend of Collagen Extract your skin so white aura and skin magically bounce. Buy GLUTAX 30G Infinity online

Ingredient :

Packing :

6 Vial Powder :
Glutathione 30G
Alpha Lipoico 200mg

6 Ampoules x 5ml :

L’Acido Ascorbic 2000mg
Collagen Extract 350mg

6 Ampoules x 2ml :

Vitamin E Infinity 600mg
Pro-Vitamin B3 250mg
Pro-Vitamin B5 100mg


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