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Cambridge Skin Code MesoLift is a lifting serum designed to improve elasticity and firmness of skin and reduce appearance of wrinkles.

Cambridge Skin Code MesoLift

Cambridge Skin Code MesoLift Characteristics The hyaluronic acid gel in this formulation characterises its use in treatments where the primary aesthetic objective is to recover the harmonious balance of the face.

Benefits of Cambridge Skin Code MesoLift

• Firstly, Remodelling of the face
• Secondly, Replenished facial fullness
•Natural and well-defined facial contours
•Allows homogeneous diffusion in the tissue and extended areas of the face
•Long lasting


2 syringes of cross-linked hyaluronic acid (1ml)
4 sterile needles (27G x 13mm TSK)

How long does the result last for?

is estimated to last from 6-12 months. This duration depends on the degree of correction required and the individual’s lifestyle, age and skin type.

Prestige concentrates the most precious part of the Granville Rose: its buds of first hatching. They potentiate the nocturnal cell regeneration of the skin for 8 hours *. The correction of the signs of age is faster, more intense and deeper.

Night after night, the skin looks visibly younger.

is an injectable implant indicated for treatment of facial volume defects. Restoration or augmentation (cheek, contours of the face etc) by deep dermal or sub-cutaneous injection.
Also as a filler for deep facial creases and for thick skin.


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