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Where to HyaLual WOW Mask (5 sheets)?

Buy HyaLual WOW Mask (5 sheets) Online from us.

What is HyaLual WOW Mask (5 sheets)<>

Use post-procedure to relieve sensitive, stressed skin or can be used as a weekly treatment to keep skin hydrated and plump.


Provides a lifting effect.
Reduces dynamic and fine wrinkles.
Deep skin rehydrationRestores skin elasticity and tone.
Lightens skin and prevents hyperpigmentation.
Smoothes irritated skin.
Reduces redness and puffiness with a cooling gel effect.
Protects cells from UV damage.
Enhances proliferation of stem cells.
Maintains natural healthy skin glow.
Good for all skin types with no side effects.
Especially effective in areas around eyes.

Clean and dry the face.
Remove the mask from the packaging and apply to face.
Leave on the face for 20-40 minutes.
Remove the mask gently.

Order HyaLual WOW Mask (5 sheets) Online From us.


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