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Dysport ® (2x500iu)

Active ingredient : (botulinum toxin Type A).
Inactive ingredients : human albumin, and lactose. DYSPORT™ may contain cow’s milk protein.

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Buy Dysport online. Dysport uses its neurotoxin active ingredient derived from bacteria to inhibit the release of an important chemical in the nervous system. The effects are that corresponding muscles don’t receive the chemical messenger which will usually make muscles begin to contract and spasm.

What can DYSPORT™ do?

DYSPORT™ is available by prescription. It is inject into muscles to treat neck pain and the patients head position which can look abnormal due to cervical Dystonia. Dysport can also be use to treat the look of deep vertical frown lines between the eyebrows which can have a psychological impact on individuals under 65. The effects are only temporary for four months, while muscles are being weakened without the presence of the chemical messenger being inhibited. Buy Dysport online

Muscles feel tighter, reducing the appearance of frown lines. However treatment will be required after three months when the results begin to fade away.

What is the composition of DYSPORT™?

Botulinum toxin Type A (active)
Inactive ingredients: human albumin, and lactose. DYSPORT™ may contain cow’s milk protein. Buy Dysport online
Who should not use Dysport?

Children under the age of 18 should refrain from using Dysport as the effects have not been fully clinically researched.

Individuals which other muscle spasm disorders should also not use this medicine. Similarly, it should not be used to treat any other types of wrinkles visible anywhere else. Buy Dysport online

Where to buy Dysport?

You can buy Dysport online easily from us. Shopping online can save you time and be more convenient. Online shopping is simple, you are often require to select your prefer strength and number of goods. In order to buy Dysport, you may be ask to provide your medical license information. Finally, you will need a mailing address. As you can see, buying Dysport online is pretty straight forward. However, not every medical professional like you has time to go shopping on the internet. There are multiple factors to consider. Price and quality are most important.


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