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Carboxytherapy consists in a therapeutical use of CO2 as a gas administrated subcutaneously.

Therapeutical indications:

Activates microcirculatory vasodilatation.
Increases the microcirculatory speed and movement.
Increases the lipolitic actions of the adipose tissue.


Functions: treatment of striae (stretch marks), cellulitis, localized adiposity, dark circles, skin laxity or as an activator prior to mesotherapy sessions. Buy CARBOXYTHERAPY GUN CARBOXY PEN

The advantages of the device

mobility and portability

– usability

– injection depth and dose control

– safety

– clinically proven efficiency

Package set: portable case, CarboxyPen, expendable materials (tubes, anti-bacterial filter, stopper)


PRECISE: CarboxyPen is the only device fitted with an ergonomic hand piece perfect for controlling injection depth, angle and volume

INTUITIVE: The patented system helps adjust the gas flow automatically, depending on the needle size

SAFE: A progressive injection combined with massage and total treatment control guarantee a painless effect.

Carboxytherapy is a non-surgical method. CO2 is injected in the subcutaneous tissue, using a tiny needle, from a cylinder of pure CO2, which is connected to CARBOXY-PEN®, custom-designed for this purpose.
CO2 diffuses easily and massively from the injection site toward the adjacent tissues, performing its function.
CO2 produces a strong vasodilatatory effect at the microcirculation level (arterioles and capillaries), increasing the blood flow both in adipose and muscle tissues. Furthermore, hemoglobin releases more oxygen, when CO2 is present.

In addition, it produces a mechanical effect on fat cells, causing their destruction.
These therapeutic effects help restore the morphology and function of microcirculation, increasing capillary blood flow rate and volume; decreasing liquid accumulation among the cells, removing fat from the hypoderm and reducing fibrosis.

Our cells normally produce CO2 in the course of metabolism, Then it is removed through the lungs. For this reason, we can consider it to be an “ecologic” therapeutical agent.


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