Og Kush Strain

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Og Kush Strain

The OG Kush remains one of the most significant strains in North America as it symbolizes the epitome of California cannabis. OG Kush is a cross between the Hindu Kush and Chemdawg. The Hindu Kush is a heavy Indica while Chemdawg is a brain teaser hybrid. Both strains made the OG Kush a perfect blend for any cannabis taker. 

None is quite sure of what OG symbolizes; some assume it stands for “Original Gangsta,” while others believe it stands for “Ocean Grown” because Californian growers made this strain along the coastline. Whatever it symbolizes, the OG Kush strain hit the LA limelight in the mid-’90s and eventually became the high standard for other strains coming out of LA.  

Characteristics of the Best OG Strains

The OG Kush strain is highly considered as one of the best marijuana strains of all time. Some experts believe it’s a hybrid that leans Sativa slightly, while others claim it’s somewhat Indica. Since this strain has been in existence for several decades with some mysterious genetics, both could be possible “right,” depending on the sample.

The strain possesses a 20-25% of THC content, which provides an intense euphoria and cerebral head high, more enjoyable compared to Sativa that speedily induce mind racing. Also, it has a body melt that can range from soft to ‘where’s the couch?” depending on users. However, OG Kush provides a calm, uplifting, and social high spirit.

Best OG Kush Strain

Leading you through the best cannabis characterized by the most famed modern genetics of them all, here are our top four strains with OG Kush in their genetic lineage.


The Kushberry strain is an Indica-dominant strain characterized by producing an uplifting high just like the Sativa, but with more relaxing effects. This strain combat insomnia, ignites creativity and relieves stress and pains. Also, it gives a sweet berry flavor taste. Kushberry has a downside, which is dry mouth; it leaves its smoker thirsty for a glass of hydrant to continue enjoying its pleasure. 

Kushberry remains one of the easiest OG Kush strain to grow and maintain. It’s a small plant, whether it’s grown indoors or outside. However, it thrives better indoor than outside in terms of abundant yields.

Exodus Kush

Exodus Kush is a family of the OG Kush with cheesy and pungent strain. Exodus Kush is also an Indica-dominant strain, high in THC with some of the most acerbic and cheesiest aroma and flavor. It might leave you craving for a cheese platter. Exodus Kush is renowned for inducing the munchies and unleashing the social butterfly within. 

Exodus Kush is small plants with significant yields, mostly when grown indoors. Also, it flourishes well outdoor and can produce an above-average amount of quality dry flower.

Critical Kush

Although the Critical Kush is about 90 to 100% Indica, but would never staple you to the couch. In contrast to the rest, this variety of the OG Kush strain provides a high with deep body relaxation, soft euphoria, and a massive sense of calmness that sticks around. Critical Kush doesn’t high users for a while and fades off. It’s one of the strongest OG Kush with a long-lasting buzz, which can come in full on those never-ending, stressful days.

Critical Kush tastes unique as its Indica features lemon, citrus, spicy, and earthy flavors, which are all you can expect from an OG Kush strain. Growing critical Kush consumes no effort as it thrives inside or out, especially in hot weather conditions. However, it’s planting doesn’t grow taller than 70 to 110cm, but produces large yields of sticky, resinous buds with amber-colored trichomes.

Bubble Kush

Bubble Kush is another relaxing strain of the OG Kush family, which is capable of stoning users immediately. It’s an Indica-dominant strain with a THC content of 19% that restores your irregular sleep schedule once and for all. Also, Bubble Kush can be burnt for the purpose of cheering up after a bad day. It’s earthy and sweet flavor, and euphoric effect can restore a distorted mood from the very first hit. 

Growing Bubble Kush is less cumbersome. You can expect huge yields and moderate height from this strain regardless of the climate, whether planted indoor or out. But due to its height, you might end up moving the plant outside to attain its normal height of 200cm.